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In our journey to live cleaner, one of the baby products I've continuously tried to improve upon are Sloane's diapers. If you think about it, this is a major source of exposure for babies; they wear them almost 24/7 and are against not only their skin, but a sensitive part of their bodies. Cloth diapering is amazing if you can manage it. It's not only an eco-friendly option, but avoids many of the ingredients that I have been trying to ditch. However, this was simply not feasible for our lifestyle (and lack of a steel stomach), so I have been researching the cleanest disposable alternatives. Here are Sloane's official ratings of the clean brands that we have tried. Click here for a video version of our first review which has been updated below.

As far as non-toxic diapers go, this is arguable number one. Free from parabens, chlorine, lotions, fragrance, latex, phthalates - and a whole lot more. In fact, they OEKO-TEXT Standard 100 Verified (free from the top 100 harmful chemicals). It is the only diaper on the market to have every inch of material touching the baby's bottom to be 100% cotton (no plastic). This is what we currently use for Sloane; we do a monthly subscription and the diapers are delivered to my door. We've had less diaper rashes and no leaks or issues. I will say their sizing is a little smaller compared to some other brands, so if you're not sure where you would be, size up. The only other negative is that they are definitely expensive compared to other diapers, but you get what you pay for, and we are paying for the cleanest materials!

Cleanliness: A++
Price: $$$ (216 diapers for $88 - less with a subscription)
Where to Purchase: Kudos Website

Happy Little Camper

This is another brand we've used often - because it is available on Amazon, I have bought in between Kudos deliveries or just to have some extras on hand. It is also one of the cleanest brands available and a member of the elite "total-chlorine free" (TCF) group of diapers. Its only downside to Kudos is that it isn't 100% cotton, but no other diaper brand is. It's easier to get than Kudos, as you can buy it from more than just one retailer, and is slightly less expensive. A great choice all around.

Cleanliness: A+
Price: $$$ (216 diapers for $71 - less if you subscribe)
Where to Purchase: Amazon or their website


I knew these were a clean brand and considered "higher end" (they were literally advertised as the Rolls Royce of diapers). But when we got the opportunity to try them, we were not disappointed. Since their initial production, they have become even cleaner - and are now free of fragrance, lotion, dyes, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, VOCs, chlorine, and over 200 other potentially harmful chemicals. These diapers are also up to 70% more absorbent, made with 25% plant based materials, soft as cashmere (really, I couldn’t believe when I touched them), and we love a diaper you can have on a subscription without having to think about restocking. BONUS: they make training pants! One of the few clean brands I could find of pull ups. Check out Miles in them here.

Cleanliness: A+
Price: $$$S (186 diapers for $100 - less if you subscribe)
Where to purchase: Their website
*Use code CLEANLIVING for 20% off!

Andy Pandy

This is a brand we have used and would use again, but are just happy with the diapers in our current line up. These receive very high ratings for cleanliness, are TCF, and a bamboo top sheet. They are made in China and still on the expensive side; I also don't love their sizing options (newborn, small, medium, etc) as it makes it confusing to switch to. However, we had no issues with leakage when using them and again are a highly clean option.

Cleanliness: A
Price: $$$ (90 diapers for $43)
Where to Buy: Amazon or their website


This brand has a focus on clean materials and being eco-friendly (peep the packaging). They are free of chlorine, fragrance, latex, parabens, phthalates, and bleach. They are made with mostly renewable bioplastics, but have a slightly lower percentage than the above options. Another negative was that I found the fit on these to be small; I would have moved up a size if I could. Despite that, we had no issues with leaks or blowouts. The only other negative is that they tore kind of easily. When opening them or adjusting them on Sloane's body, I ripped a few strings/seams. See her in them here.

Cleanliness: A-
Price: $$$ (112 diapers for $60)
Where to Buy: Amazon or their website

Don't get me wrong, these are still a cleaner brand than your basic diaper: bamboo, biodegradable, made with eco-friendly packaging, and offer a delivery service on their website that puts a portion of the profits towards offsetting carbon emissions. However, despite being free of the least desirable toxins, they recently made a switch from TCF to ECF (elemental chlorine free). Again, better than your average diaper, but not as highly rated as they once were. The fit was fine, just a tiny bit strange compared to other diapers. They were "fuller" almost, unlike Pampers that has a very slim fit. This didn't necessarily detract from anything and they were still good at containing liquid, but my husband said that he could smell her pee more with these. My complaint is that they were hard to decipher the front from the back, which made for some annoying diaper changes. 

Cleanliness: B-
Price: $$$$ (184 diapers for $99)
Where to Buy: Amazon or major retailers

Pampers Pure

This "mainstream" diaper brand has come out with a cleaner alternative, which bodes well for how widely available it is. In terms of fit, this was one of our favorites. They are kind of "high waisted" which fits Sloane's potbelly very well. I also am a big fan of these diapers for their absorbency. They were great at preventing leaks all night long and we didn't have any blowouts poop-wise. Despite being cleaner than regular Pampers or other major brands, these is that are seemingly not as "clean" as other options. They are elemental chlorine free (ECF) but not total chlorine free (TCF) and they are still made with some plastic. But overall, we liked a lot of things about this diaper and the price is one of the lowest for a 'cleaner' brand.

Cleanliness: B
Price: $$ (168 diapers for $62)
Where to Buy: Amazon or major retailers

Hello Bello

Despite being known and promoted as a clean diaper brand, this is arguable the least clean option on the list. I will say, they are still cleaner than your average diaper, but their designs use dyes and there is some controversy about ingredient transparency. Ultimately, they are an affordable option and better than, for example, Luvs or Huggies. They also win points for being a lot more affordable than the others on this list. The fit was pretty good, but not our favorite. It seemed a little tight on the belly and legs. My biggest complaint was that one or two times when her diaper was reallllly full of pee, there was kind of a slimy film on the outside of the diaper itself. Overall, there are definitely cleaner options, but sometimes "better" is all you can do based on your price point, and that's okay!

Cleanliness: C
Price: $ (128 diapers for $35)
Where to Buy: Amazon or major retailers

Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, Parents Choice, Up & Up : F

Hope this is helpful to those looking for cleaner diaper brands! Feel free to let us know what clean diapers your love or hate in the comments.

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