Parent Summer Essentials

Summer is officially here, which means it's time to stock up on all parental summer essentials. From non-toxic sunscreen, to bug spray, to swimwear, and toys, there are a hundred things we need for our babes to make it through the summer - and I've compiled a list of some mom approved favorites. You can also check out our Instagram or Amazon storefront for more ideas!

These are all clean/non-toxic sunscreen options for your little one. We've tried a few and Badger is our personal favorite, as I find it to be thicker/easier to apply than some other brands. However, if you don't want as thick of a sunscreen or want to try another brand, these come recommended from other moms!

Badger Mineral Sunscreen (2-pack for $28.99)

*Think Baby Natural Sunblock

Bug Spray
I've only had to use these once and didn't have any issues, but I can't say we are frequently camping or in bug-infested areas so far. However, lots of moms have sworn by these clean brands!

Badger Spray (2-pack for $19.99)

Also available in a balm rather than a spray!

If your goal is non-toxic swimwear, you want to find clothing that does not use chemicals to achieve UV resistance. Looking for Oeko-Tex Certified is a great way to know that you are avoiding hundreds of toxins in the clothing you're buying. Caden Lane and Hannah Andersson are two clean brands I recommend. However, if you are looking for an Amazon buy, here's a brand that does not use chemicals to achieve their UPF rating but isn't Oeko-Tex Certified. Both City Threads and Green Sprouts are two good clean brands you can buy on Amazon!

Water Tables
I have been waiting until we moved to get a water table but will likely be getting one of these - they are the three most recommended from my mom groups! I think Sloane would spend a long time playing outside with one and it's perfect for a hot day when we don't feel like pulling out the pool. 

Whether you have a beach or lake trip planned or will be spending hours outdoors for whatever reason and need to have an area of shade or containment, these tents can be a necessity with keeping your baby and toddler cool in the hot sun.

We haven't personally invested in a wagon just yet, but with a second baby on the way and beach trips in our future, we definitely will be! These are some of the most recommended versions by other parents.

WONDERFOLD Quad Stroller Wagon

Misc. Favorites

Intex Inflatable Baby Pool ($10.29)

Hopefully these recommendations helped you in your search for all of the parental summer essentials - if you found a product you love, be sure to comment below or let us know on Instagram! Enjoy this warm weather with your little one and don't forget the sunscreen.

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