Healthy BLW Meal Ideas, Part 2

Here is another round up of some healthy (and usually organic) BLW meals that we have tried! I recently decided to do the "100 Foods before 1" challenge, so I've been trying to get even more of a variety in the foods Sloane is eating. We still have a ways to go, but I'm having fun finding and preparing different meals. Most of these are pretty easy and quick - plus you can always swap out items depending on the day! I always recommend the Solid Starts app if you aren't sure how to serve food for your baby based on age. You can also follow us on Instagram for more meals - we post meal ideas in our stories daily!

1. Omelet with Onions and Peppers, Mushrooms, Kiwi  

  • Eggs - Using your preference of egg type, beat two eggs in a small bowl until whisked. Add any combination of herbs or veggies (I added diced mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach, and a little shredded cheese). Grease a pan with EVOO and pour in the mixture. Cook on low heat until the bottom is completely solid. It helps to cover with a pot lid if you can! Then flip until the other side is cooked and slice into strips to serve.
  • White mushrooms - Wash thoroughly and cut off the stem. Slice into strips and sauté in a pan with EVOO for just a few minutes.
  • Kiwi - Cut the kiwi into thin slices and peel/cut off the skin. At this age, thin slices or small pieces are appropriate, but it is very slippery so I went with slices.

2. Toast with Hummus and Chia, Broccoli, Strawberries with Flax Seed

  • Whole grain bread - Slice into strips appropriate for baby's age and then toast in the toaster oven (FYI it's easier and less messy to cut before you toast). Spread with your choice of hummus and sprinkle with chia seeds.
  • Strawberries - Cut into age appropriate slices/pieces and dust with ground flax seed. Younger babies should essentially have a whole, large strawberry, while older babies can do slices or bite-sized pieces when they have their pincer grasp.
  • Broccoli - Steam and cut based on age (large stalks for younger babies and pieces for older). I like to sprinkle with a variety of seasonings to expose her to flavors (black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, ground cumin, etc).
*This took five minutes and she loved it!

3. Penne with Spinach, Garlic, and Tomato, Blueberries, and Zucchini

  • Whole grain pasta - Boil water and add pasta, cooking until tender. Chop garlic, spinach, and tomato and sauté together in a pan with EVOO. I added the cooked pasta to the pan to get some extra flavor on the noodles since we didn't add sauce!
  • Blueberries - Flatten berries with the back of a spoon or your fingers (I leave them whole for the Instagram picture only lol).
  • Zucchini - Wash the whole zucchini, slice in half, and coat a pan and the top of the zucchini with EVOO. Bake at 375 for approximately 15 minutes. Then slice into age appropriate strips.

4. Oatmeal Blackberry Pancakes, Spinach, Ricotta Cheese

  • Oatmeal - As always, I recommend the Ready Set Food organic allergen oatmeal. If you saw my last post, I tried to make pancakes with oatmeal and they were pretty runny. I did add an egg this time and it made a huge difference! So mix the oatmeal powder, breastmilk/formula, one egg, and some fruit or veggies if you want (I snuck in some chopped spinach). Add to a pan with EVOO or coconut oil and cook until golden brown, then flip. I topped with blackberries that I smashed in a bowl.
  • Spinach - Chop spinach and sauté in a pan with EVOO (or your choice of oil). Sloane was able to pick this up pretty easily despite being "soggy".
  • Ricotta - This is a great cheese for babies since it is low in sodium! It is "healthiest" to buy fresh ricotta but do whatever you have to do, mama. You can top with fruit or add flax seed like I did.

5. Toast with Ricotta and Black Bean Paste, Mango with Flax Seed, Broccoli

*This would be such an easy meal if I wasn't the guilt-tripped mom who did not want to use beans from a can. I know canned foods have more sodium and cans are often lined with BPA. So I bought dry beans and could not BELIEVE how much work it is to make beans lol. At least it made a ton so I could use them for several days (and some chili I made for my husband). If you want to save yourself some time, canned beans will be just fine! Organic canned beans are only slightly more expensive.
  • Black beans - I found organic black beans at the store and followed the package directions for prepping. First you need to rinse and soak for an hour +, then drain and simmer for an hour. 
  • Whole grain bread - Slice and toast, then spread with ricotta (or another low sodium cheese). In a small bowl, smash cooked black beans into a paste and top the toast. 
  • Mango - Wash, peel, and slice into age-appropriate sizes, avoiding the tough core. Sprinkle with ground flax seed. I started with these strips and actually ended up slicing them into smaller pieces. Her pincer grasp is pretty developed and she had trouble getting a good bite of the mango strip while holding on to the long, slippery fruit. So she picked up the bite-size pieces and ate them that way!
  • Broccoli - Steam and cut based on age. Again, I like to sprinkle with a variety of seasonings (black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, ground cumin, etc).

6. Baked Tilapia, Plum Slices, Corn

  • Tilapia - I bought this fresh from my local deli and then covered the fish in a variety of seasonings (I used pepper, garlic and onion powder, Italian seasoning, and bay leaves). I also brushed a little bit of melted butter on the fish beforehand, but you could do EVOO if you prefer. Either loosely wrap the fish in foil or place on wax paper on a baking sheet. Then cook in the oven at 375 until completely cooked (approximately 15 minutes). Slice into strips or at Sloane's age, you can also do shreds. *Don't worry, the bay leaf was for the picture only, not left on.
  • Plums - Wash thoroughly and then cut into thin slices for this age (nine months). Leaving the skin on helps baby to be able to pick up the slices, but you can remove if that is preferred.
  • Corn - You can use a bag/can of pre-packaged corn, or slice off of corn on the cob. Technically, babies up to 12 months are recommended to eat corn right off the cob anyway (according to the Solid Starts app). However, Sloane is nailing her pincer grasp so she had no problem picking up one kernel at a time! I boiled these until soft. 

7. Hard Boiled Eggs, Watermelon, Whole Wheat Toast with Almond Butter

  • Eggs - I prefer making omelets because I can add herbs and veggies, but wanted her to try eggs a different way! I'm not a big hard boiled fan, so I found this recipe for the "perfect" and easy to peel egg. At nine months, Sloane actually will do bite-size pieces of egg, but I stopped before cutting for the photo lol. I added a little black pepper for some additional flavor. Whenever you can add different spices, do it, and your baby will get exposed to a wide variety of flavors!
  • Seedless watermelon - I found a "personal" sized seedless watermelon at the store and cut it up for her. It wasn't totally seedless, so watch out for some pieces that still have small seeds. You can do rectangular strips or bite-size pieces depending on your baby's pincer grasp.
  • Whole grain bread - Slice bread and toast, then spread with almond butter. I also sprinkled with cinnamon and chia seeds! (FYI these were in longer strips beforehand I just forgot a picture before she started eating). Overall, a pretty easy breakfast.

We hope these were helpful - be sure to comment your favorites or any changes you made for your baby! For more recipes, make sure to check out our other posts:
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