Healthy On-the-Go Baby Snacks

As much as I would love to be able to make healthy, clean food for Sloane all of the time, it just isn't always feasible. Especially when we are going out and need to take something quick, not too messy, and easy for her to eat. Here are some of our favorite organic and "healthy" snacks for any walk, drive, or family outing! You can follow us on Instagram for more - we post meal and snack ideas frequently.

Baby Bellies Organic Strawberry Pick-Me Sticks

These organic apple strawberry sticks melt pretty easily and quickly so you don't have to worry if your baby is still working on solids! That also means they melt into a little bit of a mess pretty quickly (what baby food doesn't) but Sloane loved them! Organic and individually packaged for on the go. I have seen them in store, but I prefer to buy them on Amazon here.

Puffworks Organic Peanut Butter Puffs
These are a bit more expensive, but widely loved as a baby snack! Great for introducing peanut butter early and supposedly taste delicious for both babies and adults (I'm not into peanut butter flavored things so I cannot verify). Parent friends have said they snack on these themselves! They also come in Almond Butter. Gluten free, organic, and come in a pack of 12 here on Amazon. You can watch Sloane enjoying these in this video.

Serenity Kids Grain-Free Puffs
These puffs come in a wide variety of sweet and savory flavors, have no added sugar, and are made with organic ingredients. They are more expensive than Gerber puffs and I've seen them sold at Walmart and Target, but buying a six pack on Amazon usually lasts me a while! You can watch Sloane enjoying them after a long day here.

Baby Bellies Organic Apple and Berry Softcorn

Another Baby Bellies snack, although this one is geared toward slightly older babies. They recommend 10+ months, although Sloane is newly nine months and had no issues. All the same benefits of the Apple Cinnamon puffs, just a different flavor and shape. And these come in a pack of seven!

Amara Organic Yogurt Melts

I won't lie, these are very expensive for a kids snack. But, if you're looking for a yogurt snack, these have no added sugar and less than five ingredients, including organic fruits and veggies. You can either buy Beets'n Berries or Mango Carrot on Amazon - but a six pack will run about $30. I've also found a single pack (for over $6!) at my local supermarket.

Awsum Quinoa Baby Puffs

Gluten-free mamas, look no further! These quinoa puffs are organic, gluten-free, high in fiber, and made with only natural ingredients. There are a number of flavors available in this variety pack on Amazon, or you can stick with on you think your baby will love.

Baby Gourmet Organic Snack Puffs

If you are looking to add some variety to your snack routine, these organic quinoa and lentil puffs are a great variation (plus they are heart shaped!). Dairy-free, gluten-free, and made with natural ingredients - these are a fun way to diversify your offerings and avoid allergens if you need to. You can buy a 6-pack on Amazon for $29.99.

Sprout Organic Curlz Snacks

These crunchy snacks are made from organic chickpeas and lentils; their only preservative is organic rosemary! They are USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, and contain nothing artificial. Each canister has a resealable lid for on-the-go snacking. I haven't seen these in stores yet, but I did find them on Amazon!

Frozen Food Pouches: Mama Bear Organics
If you have some time before you need your snack and want something with a bit more nutrition, you can always freeze a baby food pouch and take it with you! It takes quite a bit of time to thaw and if your baby is able to suck through the "straw" like top, it makes for an easy on-the-go snack. There are a few organic and clean brands that work, Mama Bear organic baby food being one of them. We're also a big fan of the Serenity pouches, they're just more expensive!

Toddler Snack Bars: Cerebelly and Earth's Best

For older babies on the go, these toddler snack bars are two "better" options! No added sugar, organic ingredients, and made with real fruit and vegetables. I prefer the Cerebelly as a cleaner and healthier option, but I like to switch it up with the Earth's Best occasionally. I have found both of these at my local grocery stores but it's easy to order them on Amazon as well.

Some other, homemade options:  
  • Cucumber
  • Cheese slices (fresh mozzarella or another low sodium option is best)
  • Hard boiled eggs (stinky, but easy to eat)
  • Kidney or black beans (weird, but I boil and smush them, then put them in a container)
  • Peach slices (keep a wipe handy)
  • Banana (keep in the peel until it's time to eat)
  • Yogurt pouch (can also freeze until you're ready to eat - I've made my own yogurt bites in the freezer and they melt too fast to travel far
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