100 Foods Before 1

If any other BLW parents were like me and decided to do the "100 Foods Before 1" challenge, the hardest part is thinking of one hundred different foods to serve! I realized once we were in the fifties that I was completely out of ideas. As I Googled, walked the store aisles, and searched the Solid Starts app, I thought I should make a list when we got to 100 to share with other people looking for ideas. I was a bit of a stickler (a taco or a hamburger or a meatball is all beef) and did not count different varieties (yellow squash vs butternut is all just squash). It made it more challenging and meant that she truly had 100 different foods. So here are Sloane's first one hundred foods, with a little blurb about how I served them or a video link to how they were prepared!

  1. Blackberry (smashed whole, puréed on pancake/in yogurt)
  2. Raspberry (smashed whole, puréed in yogurt/on toast)
  3. Blueberry (smashed whole, puréed in yogurt)
  4. Strawberry (whole, puréed on toast)
  5. Apple (slices baked with cinnamon)
  6. Orange (fresh slices)
  7. Lemon (slices, cut up in yogurt, squeezed on chicken)
  8. Lime (cut up in yogurt, squeezed on taco meat)
  9. Grapes (quartered)
  10. Banana (slices with peanut butter, mashed in various foods)
  11. Plantain (baked chips)
  12. Peach (slices)
  13. Pear (baked like apples)
  14. Clementine (slices)
  15. Nectarine (slices)
  16. Passionfruit (frozen pieces)
  17. Dragonfruit (frozen pieces)
  18. Grapefruit (slices)
  19. Star Fruit (slices)
  20. Pineapple (strips, cubes, puréed in yogurt)
  21. Mango (strips)
  22. Coconut (chunks and shreds on various foods)
  23. Kiwi (slices)
  24. Plum (slices)
  25. Cherries (de-seeded and quartered)
  26. Watermelon (cubes)
  27. Honeydew melon (cubes)
  28. Cantaloupe (slices)
  29. Pomegranate (crushed seeds)
  30. Persimmon (slices)
  31. Pickle (slices)
  32. Spinach (sautéed chopped pieces and pieces in omelets, etc)
  33. Lettuce (pieces with deconstructed taco)
  34. Kale (chopped in egg bake)
  35. Avocado (slices and spread on toast with seasoning)
  36. Cucumber (strips, shapes)
  37. Celery (in pasta and raw logs covered in yogurt)
  38. Bell Peppers (red, yellow, green, orange, green - baked and steamed)
  39. Jalapeño (chopped up in hummus)
  40. Chickpea (pasta)
  41. Zucchini (drizzled with olive oil and baked)
  42. Asparagus (baked and sauteed in olive oil)
  43. Artichoke (steamed)
  44. Brussel sprouts (baked with seasonings)
  45. Squash (drizzled with olive oil and baked)
  46. Carrots (steamed, baked, chopped in pasta and muffins)
  47. Corn (boiled off the cob)
  48. Beets (baked, diced)
  49. Pumpkin (purée as pasta sauce, mixed with yogurt, pancakes)
  50. Hummus (on toast and veggies)
  51. Green beans (steamed)
  52. Radish (sliced)
  53. Edamame (boiled beans and as paste on toast)
  54. Broccoli (steamed, oven baked, and in omelets)
  55. Cauliflower (cauli rice)
  56. Eggplant (baked slices)
  57. Sweet potato (fries, mashed, and frozen puree "bites")
  58. Potato (mashed, roasted, baked "chips")
  59. Onion (sautéed in pasta and omelets)
  60. Tomato (sautéed in pasta and omelets)
  61. Peas (smashed and puréed)
  62. White Mushrooms (sautéed slices, diced in omelets)
  63. Black Olives (halves/pieces)
  64. Garlic (chopped/sauteed in pasta)
  65. Pasta (lasagna, spaghetti, penne, whole wheat and veggie noodles)
  66. Bread (whole grain toast)
  67. Rice cakes (whole grain, lightly salted, topped with pb or bean paste)
  68. Tortilla (topped with hummus, mini burgers, corn and whole wheat)
  69. Pita (topped with ricotta cheese or hummus)
  70. Oatmeal (mixed with Greek yogurt, fruit, seeds)
  71. Brown rice (balls with veggies)
  72. Quinoa (tomato basil balls)
  73. Eggs (omelets, hard boiled, scrambled)
  74. Chicken (baked, drumstick, ground)
  75. Turkey (meatballs, breast)
  76. Beef (rolled into ball with veggies)
  77. Bison (ground lean bison meatballs)
  78. Impossible Meat (burgers and meatballs)
  79. Tofu (pan fried)
  80. Tilapia (oven baked)
  81. Shrimp (grilled)
  82. Salmon (baked strips)
  83. Peanut butter (on toast)
  84. Almond butter (on toast, in balls, puffs)
  85. Black beans (smashed, spread on toast)
  86. Kidney beans (smashed, spread in toast)
  87. Milk (in purees, pancakes, cake, muffin)
  88. Yogurt (Stonyfield organic plain yogurt)
  89. Greek yogurt (plain, mixed with fruit, cinnamon, flax seed, or chia seeds)
  90. Probiotic Skyr (mixed with fruit and chia seeds)
  91. Cashew yogurt (mixed with fruit)
  92. Pine nuts (pesto - on pasta and bread)
  93. Cottage cheese (with fruit, sprinkled with seeds)
  94. Ricotta (in lasagna, on its own)
  95. Goat cheese (slices)
  96. Mozzarella (slices)
  97. Flax seeds
  98. Chia seeds
  99. Nutritional yeast flakes
  100. Filet Mignon (yes, I was that person)

*If you need MORE ideas, here are some other foods we had that I didn't count (either after we hit 100 or too similar to something we already used): 
  • rainbow carrots
  • snow peas
  • blood oranges
  • mandarin oranges
  • papaya
  • pinto beans
  • sunflower butter
  • peanuts
  • cashews
  • almonds
  • walnuts
  • coconut milk
  • coconut yogurt
  • acorn squash
  • butternut squash
  • spaghetti squash
  • tangelos
  • cake (healthy banana oat cake)
  • muffin (veggie cornmeal muffins)

**We have also had lots of spices, seasonings, and oils, but I didn't think they should count. But if you're counting them, here are some options: 
  • black pepper
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • paprika
  • chili powder
  • cayenne pepper
  • basil 
  • parsley
  • cumin
  • ginger 
  • cocoa powder
  • cinnamon
  • EVOO
  • butter
  • vegetable oil
  • canola oil
  • avocado oil
  • coconut oil

I hope these helped give you some of the foods you may be missing on your list! Don't hesitate to ask for a specific recipe or picture if you need it. You can also follow us on Instagram for more - we post meal ideas in our stories daily!


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