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With Christmas fast approaching, we have finished up our gift list for Sloane - but both grandparents have asked about some "stocking stuffers" for her first holiday stocking. So as I pass along ideas to them, I figured I should share them with you as well! Here are some ideas for your little one's Christmas stocking.


Whether you have a baby, toddler, or young child, there's no wrong age to incorporate fun into learning! These ring flash cards come in a variety of packs so you can collect more than one - and they're bound together by a ring so you don't have to worry about losing them either. Cute, educational, and easy to bring with you on the road, this would make a great stocking stuffer.


This might not be the most fun gift for your child to open, but it is definitely useful and a good size for a stocking stuffer! I really like this unisex organic cotton set by Touched by Nature - they have a number of different styles and sizes to choose from and it's something every parent needs (as you will inevitably lose a few throughout the year).


Whether you have a boy or a girl, you simply cannot have enough accessories for your baby and filling their stocking is the perfect excuse to buy a few more. We bought this three pack of winter hats already and were shocked by the quality and price. They have a variety of colors to choose from and are a great winter staple. As for headbands, there are many to choose from - I am personally a sucker for organic cotton so I love these by Makemake organics, but this bundle from Amazon is an amazing deal and incudes so many colors. You can't go wrong no matter what you buy.


If you've chosen to get your child's ears pierced, adding to their accessories collection can be a great stocking stuffer. If not, you can always buy a cute set and save them for when you plan to get them pierced in the future! Whether they are still a baby or old enough to hear about how these were given to them as a baby, it will be a great memory when you see them wearing them someday.


Your baby may have just a few teeth popping through or a mouthful - either way, the desire to chew and put everything in their mouth isn't going away any time soon. Having a few teethers on hand is always a wise choice, and these options come highly rated. Jackie the Giraffe is a "mini" version of the ever popular Sophie, so it's great for throwing in your diaper bag. She is made of 100% natural rubber and squeaks (I'm sure that will never get annoying!). Penguin Buddy is made of BPA free, food-grade silicone and comes highly recommended from all my mommy groups. It is geared toward slightly younger babies, but Sloane still likes to gnaw and play with her teethers even though she has six teeth. Lastly, I found this silicone teether that looks like a REMOTE! Even if she doesn't need teethers anymore, there is no denying she will love this remote control-look alike. She is constantly stealing the real thing, so now she can have one that is fine to chew on!

Crinkle Books/Bath Books

Technically any book can be a stocking stuffer if you have a stocking big enough....but these crinkle books are great for putting into stockings big or small. Babies are drawn to the sounds and textures of the book, while also having fun and learning as you read to them. Both options here come with a plastic link for on-the-go travel; the Peek-a-boo book is geared toward slightly younger children (the high contrast is great for newborns!) while "Who Do You See" can appeal toward the toddler and early childhood crowd. Along that line, for older babies and toddlers, bath books are a great idea! They are bath toys without holes and another opportunity for continuous reading!


This is another recommendation that's more practical than fun, but that's what the big presents were for! A toothbrush and toothpaste are a helpful (and possibly exciting) addition to your child's stocking. I'm a personal fan of this exact combination for Sloane - we use the Wild & Stone Organic Bamboo brushes to brush her teeth every night. I like knowing that as she attempts to eat the entire thing, she isn't ingesting plastic or excess chemicals! The bristles are soft and it has held up really well for a few months. Here's another organic option if you want to just try one brush first (Rain Organic Bamboo Baby Toothbrush). We also use the Jack n' Jill Organic Flavor Free toothpaste. This is one of the "cleanest" baby toothpaste's out there - and it's going to last us so long using a grain of rice sized amount each day. I will do more research about eventually introducing fluoride, but right now she doesn't need it, especially when she's ingesting a lot of the toothpaste itself. I digress - but a toothbrush and toothpaste combination would be perfect to add to a stocking!

Bath Toys

One of the few toys that would actually fit well into a stocking are the kind you use in the bathtub! If your child is like Sloane, she definitely gets tired of the same rotation of things to play with, so having some new items to splash with at bath time is a great idea. I personally recommend silicone or 100% natural rubber bath toys - they are cleaner options than plastic and are less likely to mold! This natural rubber whale has no holes to get full of water and mold and is environmentally friendly. You can also go the boat or cup route if you can fit them into a stocking.

If you haven't already read our post on healthy baby snacks, go ahead and check it out - there are numerous options to choose from to add to your child's Christmas stocking! You might have to give in to letting them eat some right then instead of saving it for later, but at least our recommendations are relatively healthy. Whether you add in puffs, yogurt melts, or pouches, snacks can be a cute and tasty addition!

Coloring Tools

Maybe your baby isn't quite at the coloring stage just yet, but they will be soon! These crayons are pure beeswax (so they're non-toxic) and come in a pack of twelve. A great stocking stuffer for older babies and something you'll definitely be using in the future. These are made in New Zealand, but can be purchased on Amazon here!


This may seem like more of a present for mom and dad, but you can't go wrong throwing in some medicine as a stocking stuffer. Whether it is for teething, a cold and cough, or gas pains, it is essential to have a medicinal arsenal ready to go. I also think this is a good time to plug my favorite clean brand of medicine - Genexa. I love this brand because it contains the same ingredients necessary for the medicinal quality, but all of the inactive ingredients are clean! They have a wide array of medicine for whatever ailment your little one is facing, and even make products for adults.

Fisher Price Pretend Video Game Controller

This pretend video game controller is a great stocking-size option; it lights up and has two musical settings for both younger and older children. Whether you want to work on fine motor skills, or just provide a cute and fun source of entertainment, this controller is a big hit with babies and toddlers alike. Bonus - it is pretty well priced at less than $10.

Press Toys

We are personally big mushie fans (we have a ton of their feeding products) and these toys are no exception. Featuring a neutral aesthetic, the plastic frames are BPA-free and food-grade silicone buttons. These sensory/fidget toys are perfect for the playroom, in the bath, or the car! You can buy the phone press toy in a variety of colors or the paint palette as a classic look.

We hope this list helps to give you some ideas for your little one's Christmas stocking! Whatever you choose to do, I hope you enjoy the holiday tradition and know your baby will be excited and thankful for anything you give them (even if it's a toothbrush).

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