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With every holiday comes a new struggle to find presents for our babies; for those who celebrate Easter, this is no exception. It presents a challenge of finding options that are not "big" birthday or Christmas gifts, but not exactly mere stocking-stuffers (although feel free to check out those lists if they are more of what you're looking for). Thus, I have compiled a list of some basket ideas for any parent of young kids looking for inspiration!

Warmies Microwavable Toys

These are more than just stuffed animals - they are microwavable plush toys filled with grains and dried lavender that you can warm up for your babe (or for you). They provide a sense of comfort, stress-relieving lavender scent, and cuddly softness! I went with the bunny for an Easter themed basket, but they have lots of animals to choose from. You can buy them from their website or here on Amazon. There's also a mini version for about $10 less!

Bunny Pajamas

These Burt's Bees Organic Cotton Pajamas are the perfect sleepwear for your Easter babe, unisex, and adorable. I have found other Easter themed prints by them in stores (specifically Target) but if you are hoping to order ahead of time, this onesie is available on Amazon for $13. The two-piece set retails for $16.95. I particularly like the fit and fabric of this brand!

*You can see my "little bunny" in her Burt's Bees pajamas here.

Bath Letters

Bath toys in general would make a perfect basket stuffer - we have a few on our stocking list and our non-toxic bath products post. However, these bath letters are not on either list and are both adorable and educational. If you're looking for an inexpensive option and some variety to your bath time play, these are a great choice! You can buy them cheaper than at Target for about $6 on Amazon.

Board Books

Board books are great for their size and price; we are particularly partial to anything by Sandra Boynton as a fun and quick read. These would make a nice extra in your Easter basket, as they won't take up much space, are pretty well-priced, and can help ease the pain of hearing the same books over and over and over again (Brown Bear, Brown Bear can I see anything else, please?). This Easter themed book is available for $6.99. Here are some other favorites:

Baby Blocks/Egg Sorters

This idea is essentially interchangeable with stacking cups or anything along that line, but I already covered that in my Christmas Gifts post, so I went with this instead. This particular set is also adorable and the container for the blocks would be great in a basket or as the whole basket itself! You can buy it for $10.99 on Amazon here. This cute set is often sold out, so here is another adorable version if it is.

In the same category, but more holiday themed and geared toward older babies, I found these "Hide and Squeak" Eggs. You can go bigger with a dozen shape sorter eggs or 26 alphabet eggs.

Montessori Style Wooden Carrot Sorting Game

This sorting game is great for developing fine motor skills and appealing to a variety of ages. Younger kids can work on picking up and placing the wooden pieces, while older children can identify colors and patterns. The carrot and bunny aspects make this perfect for an Easter present. It is currently on sale for $24.99.

Here is a smaller, and less expensive option with a similar premise, but coming in around $15 instead.

Prayer Bunny/Book

For anyone who wants to have a religious element to their Easter gifts, this prayer bunny set is so cute! We received this as a baptismal present, but it would be great for an Easter basket as well. It comes with a prayer book and a little stuffed bunny who says a prayer when you press her belly. It may look a little girly, but the book and prayer are just about God and praying, so don't let the pink mislead you. They also have a pink and blue one no matter your preference!

Baby/Toddler Friendly Bubbles

Easter means spring, which means summer is just around the corner! If you choose to go with a "summer themed" Easter basket, you can include items like bathing suits, sidewalk chalk, or bubbles for lots of outdoor play. These particular bubbles are easy for children of any age to use and virtually spill-proof. They are the perfect addition to an Easter basket to get ready for the warmer weather. You can buy a pack or just one for $8.99.


Whether your child is a ways from walking or already running laps around you, shoes are a great sized option for a basket gift (and you can't have enough). We love these slip on sneakers for those toddlers just starting out wearing shoes (available for $20.99) and these rainboots could not be cuter. With summer coming up you can get sandals, water shoes, or tennis shoes - whatever you think you will get the most use out of!

Bath Books

I know we already mentioned that bath toys work great for Easter, but I thought these deserved their own spot on the list. Toys are great and even necessary for keeping your little ones occupied during their baths, and the idea of bath books adds a unique (and stimulating) element to that. These books are safe to bring with you in the water and are interactive/crinkly for lots of page turning. They will also grow with your child as they get older and begin to recognize pictures, numbers, or colors. This particular find includes a pack of eight books for $17.99.

Dining Ware (cups, utensils, plates, or bowls)

No matter what age your child is, eventually they will start eating real food and need all of the gear that comes with that! An Easter basket is the perfect excuse to get some of these - whether you need cups, utensils, or plates and bowls, you can fill your basket with all the essentials. We are personally fans of the mushie brand for suction plates and bowls and open cups. But we recently started preparing for the changes that will come after her first birthday, and we love these Elk and Friends eco-friendly utensils and straw cups! They're a bit expensive for baby products, but the quality is unquestionable. 

**FYI check out Sloane featured on their utensils photos!

Hair Brush

Boy or girl, your baby's hair will eventually start coming in and likely be unruly. We are big fans of this natemia brush, made with natural beechwood and goat hair bristles. Sloane loves the softness and doesn't squirm at all when I brush her hair - and I love taming her fly aways or getting her hair back in order after a particularly bad case of bedhead. Plus it makes a great little basket addition! We bought this one on Amazon for $12 when she was born and recently upgraded to the three-piece set as her hair has grown longer.

Teething Relief

No matter how old your baby is, they are due for more teeth sometime soon (sorry!). Teething relief is a gift that both you and your child will love - we really like this natural remedy by Boiron. I give Sloane one of these pre-portioned capsules before a nap and her sleep is undisturbed, even if she was just a teething monster a few minutes beforehand. Nothing beats medicine overnight for us, but using this during the day helped to ease her pain and ease my mom guilt over constantly giving her medicine. You can find it in stores or buy it from Amazon.

Remote Controls

If your baby is of age to enjoy/need teethers, then you know that it's nice to have several on hand. If they are beyond that like Sloane, then this is just a great toy for those babies who love taking your TV remotes. I've found a few different sellers on Amazon and some in stores, but none that looked so much like a remote as this one.

Easter Baskets
Lastly, I thought I'd give some options for Easter baskets themselves! Whether you wanted something personalized, inexpensive, or a dual purpose storage basket, here are a few baskets to choose from.

We hope this list helps to give you some good inspiration for your Easter baskets! Be sure to comment any ideas we may have missed or something your baby especially loved. If you need more ideas, check out our other gift lists:

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