Baby Valentine's Day Gifts

Perhaps getting your little one a Valentine's Day gift is a bit over the top....but that's never stopped me before! If you are also planning to put together a basket for your sweet valentine, here are a few ideas you can use no matter their age or gender. Bonus: here's a cute V-Day themed meal idea!!

Valentine's Day "Baskets"

This baby purse is ADORABLE and would not only be a great Valentine's Gift, but you could use it as the little basket itself, and fill it with some of your child's favorite snacks! You can buy it on Amazon for $14.99.

If you don't want to use something so "feminine", you can do a similar concept, but use something like this! This backpack is meant for toddlers and comes in a variety of animal designs and shapes. Fill it up with more v-day themed items or some favorite treats. You can purchase it on Amazon for $15.99.

**If you're looking for healthy treats/snacks to fill them with, check out our post on healthy baby snacks, which you can read here!

Valentines Day Book

A Valentine's Day themed board book is the perfect little gift! You can never have too many books in your collection, and these are holiday appropriate and inexpensive. Something like this is all you need on that day; you don't have to spend a fortune to make the holiday feel special. You can buy "I Love You Like No Otter" on Amazon for $5.37 or "You're My Little Cuddle Bug" for $4.97.

"Wee" Baby Doll

This doll measures just 12" tall, which is perfect for grabbing on the go, putting in the diaper bag, or just an easy-to-carry doll for a younger child. They have a variety of different skin tones, a boy doll, and all of them include a magnetic binky (Sloane is so cute when she pulls it off and on). They range in price depending on the look, from $12.99 to $20.99. A great Valentines Day gift for your little love!

Looking for a more themed option? Check out this adorable and strawberry scented heart doll for $16.99.

Heart Sunglasses

Okay, okay, admittedly this is more of a gift for you than for your baby, and maybe a little more "girly" than unisex (although there are more colors available than pink) but they are just so cute for v-day. Just think of all the ah-dorable pictures you can take, if you can get your baby to keep them on. You can buy this version for $11.98 on Amazon.

Heart-Shaped Baby Toys

There are quite a few heart-shaped baby toys out there if you are looking to stay on theme with your Valentine's Day gift. In particular, these silicone stacking sets are both heart shaped and adorable. The first set by Promise Babe has almost 1,000 five-star reviews and has both color and shape options (if you'd rather have a star). The second is a fidget popper and sells for $7.99!


Sorry boy moms! I don't have a gender neutral option for this one - all of these V-Day accessories are adorable and girly. Whether you go the nylon themed headband route or gold plated sterling silver heart earrings, you can't go wrong and will have something cute they can wear for years to come!

Heart Pajamas

My last gift recommendation functions as your child's Valentine's outfit for a cozy day at home! Heart themed pajamas are cute any day of the year, but especially sweet while eating some heart-shaped pancakes that morning and giving mama a kiss. If you don't already have a pair, you can have them sitting out that day for your child to change into! These first two sets are from Owlivia and retail for $18.99. The purple hearts are from ZippyJamz and sell for $29.99. Bonus - all three are organic cotton!

Sloane and I hope these ideas help give you some inspiration - but no matter how you choose to celebrate Valentines Day with your child, whether it's with a present or just some extra hugs and kisses, have a great day with your little loves. If you need more ideas, check out our other gift lists:

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