Children's Birthday Gift Ideas

With Sloane's birthday fast approaching, I decided to put together ideas I've had for potential gifts, knowing we'll probably come back to this list again for Christmas and her next few birthdays! I've compiled some "big" gift options for babies and toddlers that they can play with now and grow into. I tried to include alternatives that might suite your babe or work better based on how much you want to spend. 

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Reading Chair

This functions as both a present and d├ęcor! I love reading with Sloane, and now that she's getting older and will be able to grab a book on her own, it will be so precious to see her plop down in her own little chair to flip through it. I'm obsessed with this Pottery Barn personalized chair (you can see Sloane in it here), and at the time I'm writing this it is on sale for $129 instead of the usual $149. If that's a little steep for you or not your style, here are a few alternatives!

Rocking Horse

Admittedly, very few of these are actual horses...but you get the idea. I saw this Pottery Barn bunny rocker when I was pregnant and thought it was sooooo cute. Now I want it to be her first birthday present - mostly because it matches the theme of the party and the color scheme of her nursery! I plan to put it in her bedroom where I used to keep her bouncer that she has long outgrown. Hopefully this will keep her occupied in her room while I put away laundry or when we are playing! It's pretty expensive for a rocker at $179, and $15 more for personalization, but it is darn cute and works for kids up to age five. As promised, here are some other options.

Play Kitchen

Am I drooling over this Pottery Barn Chelsea All-in-1 play kitchen? Absolutely. Do I see myself paying $500 for it? No, I don't. But that doesn't mean a girl can't dream (or share her dream with you). I love the aesthetic and the size but don't know if I can justify the price when I can buy a real stove for almost as much. Regardless, a play kitchen is something I want for her so I'm putting it on the list. Here are a few other cute and stylish ones I found!

Play Vacuum

A kitchen...a I trying to get Sloane to do all of the housework? Maybe. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun and adorable! I remember playing with my pretend vacuum when I was little. Although a one-year-old probably doesn't have the control for this just yet, it's something she can use for years to come! This Pottery Barn version (I'm a PB junkie) can even pick up "small paper" (?) so maybe she'll actually pick up something along the way! Right now it is on sale for $59, which isn't bad, but here are some alternatives.

Activity Table and Chairs

Whether you are preparing for your little one to get out of the highchair, or want a space for them to do crafts and activities, you can find a million uses for a toddler table and chair set. This Costzon version has a chalkboard top that can be flipped over to be a table/activity center and comes with numerous storage options. I love the modern vibe and it is middle of the road price-wise at $129. Here is a range of prices and styles:
Play Cushions

I have heard so many moms talk about the Nugget and it seems like Sloane (and her future sibling, God willing) would have so much fun playing on this! If you have the room for it, it could be a fun play time edition. This version retails for $249 and comes in 25 colors but I know there are a lot of similar, comparable options. Here are a few!
Art Easel

Sloane may not be doing major artworks that soon (although she once made a masterpiece on the kitchen wall with pieces of asparagus) but she will be before I know it. This Pottery Barn easel is adorable, comes with lots of storage, and is both a white magnetic board and a chalkboard. It's pricey at $229 but looks like it would last for a long time. There are less expensive versions that would work as well:

Personalized Name Book

I bought this for my nephew for his first birthday and would love to get one for Sloane as well! It's incredibly cute and exciting for them to realize that they are starring in the book they are reading. You can even design the character to look like the child. This particular book is from Story Bug - they are more reasonably priced for a nice quality hardcover and often have sales. You can also use code CLM10 for 10% off on top of that. Or, if you want to try another company, I've also ordered from Wonderbly off of Amazon with custom personalization. They have other books you can personalize for a variety of themes and occasions! Here are some more options:

Ball Pit

If you don't mind picking up balls all the time, (but when aren't we picking something up from these kids) then a ball pit can be an awesome gift for birthdays or Christmas alike. From when your baby can first sit up on their own to when they're running and jumping in, this is a toy you can get years of use out of. There a lot of options that range in price and material, so I'll link a few depending on your preference. I like the aesthetic of this Harbolle White Foam Ball Pit, but it's on the higher end retailing for $69.99 without balls. Below are a few more options and some balls if you need those as well. Most parents recommend at least 400 for a smaller pit and closer to double that for big ones!
Wooden Play Gym

I've been eyeing a Pikler Triangle for a while, but I figure if you're going to get one, you might as well get one with some add-ons. This Amazon version includes a ramp for climbing (as pictured), and a slide. It retails for $159.99 and is often on sale. I don't think I'll get this and climbing cushions, so it is a matter of preference! If you decide to go with a wooden play gym, here are some alternatives.

Ride On Car

If my younger self in my Barbie Jeep got a major would be this. I definitely want a ride-on car for Sloane eventually, even if one-years-old is a litttttle young to drive. This (pretty expensive) version is luxury itself - it fits two kids, has buckles for both, two-wheel suspension, treaded tires, and an aux player (you know...for my three year old's iPod to connect). I may never own a Land Rover, but Sloane could, and isn't that what life is all about? No? Okay, then here are a few less expensive options.

Toddler Tower/Kitchen Helper

If your child is anywhere near walking age, you're going to want to grab one of these soon! Toddler towers or kitchen helpers are major lifesavers for parents. Some kids who can't (or don't want to) stay still during meals can eat at one of these while standing. They can be used for crafts, watching mom prepare dinner, or helping in the kitchen, all while keeping your child safe and secure. This sleek design is from KidzWerks and retails for $129. There are a variety of sizes and materials you can choose from to fit your aesthetic and price.

Montessori Personalized Busy Board

A busy board is a great (educational) way to keep your toddler...busy! This particular board from Etsy is expensive - but it has over half a million sales and five star reviews. It's a great quality, personalized, and includes numerous activities. This same seller also has smaller versions and something as simple as a personalized wooden name puzzle if you weren't looking to spend $200; but this is also a gift that will last and be playable for years to come! Here are some other options to choose from:

Hopefully this was helpful to you in picking a big gift for your little babe! Feel free to leave a comment if I missed a good gift idea or if you see a better option of any of the above. If you were looking for some smaller gifts, here's our other list. I'll be eagerly waiting for the next big life event to give Sloane another one of these - and saving up enough for them in the mean time.

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